At Down Dog Diagnostics, I have developed programs to address different back pain issues:

Persistent/Chronic Back Pain

These classes/sessions teach education about back health, breathing techniques to ease back pain,  gentle yoga practice increasing strength and  flexibility,  guided relaxation or meditation to ease the stress that often exacerbates pain & a home practice to continue on your own. Bodies need maintenance, just like our cars.  No previous yoga experience required.  

Posture ReBalancing

In today's technical age, most of us spend much too much time sitting and/or slumping over computer screens and devices.  This leads to a forward head posture and kyphosis (rounding of the upper back) which can also contribute to low back pain and headaches.  With attention to detail and some easy but effective exercises, both forward head and kyphosis can be greatly improved if not entirely corrected.  

Scoliosis Management

Imbalances caused by scoliosis can be counteracted or managed by using targeted stretching and strengthening practices.  Depending on the clients age and degree of curvature, we can create a practice to either correct it or to manage discomfort  caused by it.  

Back Care