Women's Well-Being

At Down Dog Diagnostics I offer several ways to support the well-Being of women:

Prenatal Yoga

Being a mother of 5 and a Nana of 4, prenatal yoga was an important, supportive part of pregnancy for both myself, my daughter and my daughter-in-law.  As such, it is my pleasure to be able to offer this service to other mothers-to-be. Currently offered as private sessions but a weekly group class is on the horizon - stay tuned! 

Pelvic Floor Balance

Women can suffer imbalance in the pelvic floor for a variety of reasons. For example, weak pelvic floor muscles along with weak gluteal muscles and/or transverse abdominus (deep core)  can contribute to things like incontinence and prolapse.  Then there is the flip side, women suffering pelvic pain from a tense/tight  pelvic floor.  My work in this area addresses such issues using both body and breath awareness exercises, somatic movement, stretching and toning exercises and self-care and empowerment  practices to bring balance to this sacred region of the body. 

Managing the M Word Mindfully

Going through it myself, I've developed a program to navigate the way through that taboo subject, Menopause. Yoga therapy offers as many - if not more - tools and techniques as menopause offers up symptoms. My program teaches techniques to calm when feeling anxious and irritable, and energize when feeling down and out. Other wellness techniques are incorporated as well to help you manage your menopause - mindfully.


As women we often wear ourselves out taking care of others, but feel guilty when we take the time and/or money it takes to take care of ourselves.  At Down Dog, I teach simple yet effective yoga based techniques to bring our needs to the forefront.  We cannot serve from an empty vessel.